Software Engineer - Backend/Web at Quarkworks (Columbia, MO)

Software Engineer - Backend/Web at Quarkworks (Columbia, MO)

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Location: Columbia, MO
Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-07-08 05:01:05

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About the role

We are developing an internal product currently with a small team of 3 developers. It is a drop-in audio-first chat for hybrid & remote teams, with a focus on using machine learning to enhance the experience. Our goal is to build a platform that teams use every day for their planned meetings, spontaneous ones, and just to hang out. We are trying to promote team bonding and collaboration, which leads to a better sense of job satisfaction for team members, less meeting fatigue and burnout, and better outcomes for the company.

We have been working on the prototype for the last year -- our team uses it for all our meetings every day -- and we are soon going to be adding some first customers. We need to grow the development team to scale up to full production level code and continue developing on new features.

Our priorities right now are:

  1. Re-architecting & polishing backend & web code to scale up to a handful of customers.
  2. Adding some basic features that are missing from the prototypes that are most desirable to the first customers (ACL, kick/ban, guest invites and so on).
  3. Focusing on stability as we add the first few customers.
  4. Development on new features -- this is our true primary focus.

So the first month or two of your work would likely be focused on foundational components to set us up for the future, but this would transition into adding on new features as we iterate.

What we’re looking for

  • Baseline web or backend dev experience of 2+ years
  • Experience with any of our tools is ideal: React, Node.js, TypeScript, Redux, Prisma, Postgres,
  • You want to get your hands dirty and write a lot of code
  • Used to working in teams with other developers
  • High attention to detail and organization
  • Ability to learn or teach new things
  • Passion for coding
  • Strong communication skills

Why Quark might be a good fit for you

  • Our developers often have the opportunity to switch between different projects and clients.
  • You can gain a wealth of experience in a short time, and the things you work on will never get too stale.
  • Our company is engineer-founded. We sympathize with developers and strive to make sure relationships with clients and management are good for our team. Our leaders are fully engaged with everyone.
  • We encourage everyone that works here to “manage upwards”. Every person has the ability to improve their situation and contribute to creating/maintaining a good culture on their teams.