Remote Angular developer at MEDrecord BV (Amsterdam, Netherlands) (allows remote)

Remote Angular developer at MEDrecord BV (Amsterdam, Netherlands) (allows remote)

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Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-07-09 05:00:45

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We are looking for a bright, dynamic, and committed person to join our complete Virtual development team as middle or senior Frontend Developer for Angular.


  • Implement meaningful eHealth applications
  • By a teamplayer: meet online with project with the team to discuss their vision, ideas and create compelling digital experiences.
  • Design and perform unit tests and automated UI tests.
  • Work closely with UX/UI designer to keep continuity across mobile / web / desktop Qualifications, and translate these design patterns into application architectures.
  • Develop certified software and know you are working on highly sensitive (medical) data


We are a remote first, and certified eHealth company that is on its way to improve life for many people. If you want to work on apps that actually do something for the people around, come and help us out. At this moment we are with 24 people throughout various EU member states.

Why start working at MEDrecord

  • 100% remote company!
  • You will be able to work together with /and learn from other smart people, who care about building quality software as much as you do.
  • You will enjoy working in tight-knit Scrum teams, focused on delivering quality work at the end of each sprint.
  • You wont be doing systematic overtime. If your team is running late on a project, we expect you to bring this up to management, not work late hours to keep up.
  • You will be listened to by your peers. Everybodys voice matters here.
  • You will also get flexible hours and will work in a pleasant working environment, but: no working at night and sleeping during daytime.. :-)!
  • We respect your culture and traditions

Salary range: between 30.000 (medior) and 60.000 (senior) based on your knowledge/education and your experience and of course we have the intention to give you a higher salary.