Senior Software Developer at LegacyX Software (St. Albert, AB, Canada)

Senior Software Developer at LegacyX Software (St. Albert, AB, Canada)

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Location: St. Albert, AB, Canada
Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-07-23 05:01:06

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senior software developer

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Why LegacyX: We believe LegacyX is not just a place to work but an opportunity to seize a new lifestyle. The last two years have really turned society upside down and many people are questioning the work life they have. As a software development company that was created by a software developer with the desire to create the perfect place for software developers to work, we have always seen ourselves as a great place to be a part of. However, we recognize that we need to continue to evolve as a company to maintain a culture where people love what they do.

We strive for work-life balance. “Crunch Time” is the exception, never the norm. Our office is very deliberately in St. Albert. If you live here, welcome to the 10 minute commute. If you live outside St. Albert, chances are you are driving against the flow traffic both ways.

Although we are a small organization, we offer market competitive compensation, an excellent benefits plan and a great work environment to be a workplace of choice. We have a relaxed work environment full of perks – DIY lattes, kitchen stocked with drinks/snacks, motorized standup desks, Aeron Chairs, top of the line computers, flexible hours and most importantly - brilliant co-workers.

We are in the process of refactoring our office to align to the new reality of flextime workstyles where team members come to collaborate when they need to or want to and not when they are told to. We embrace creativity and innovation within both our research and development and project teams. We provide opportunities for continued growth through mentoring and formal training as a way of life not an event.

We foster an environment of support and progression always striving to realize the "wow" factor in what we do. If you are looking for a new start after what we have all had to go through, check us out, we would love to chat!

Who We Are: LegacyX is a boutique software development company located in St. Albert, Alberta. We have been in existence for over 10 years and have grown to 17 employees with established client contracts that support a strong balance sheet. In the beginning our focus was on rescuing organizations with legacy software. Over the past decade we have evolved to now deliver on business automation projects and creation of SaaS solutions to address the business needs of our growing North American client base. We work very closely with our customers in an agile way, to help them overcome challenges caused by their existing legacy systems and construct new modern solutions to address those challenges. It is not unusual for us to reverse engineer existing proprietary systems while maintaining the current operation to ensure the continuity of their business.

We are on continued growth path, and we are looking for enthusiastic, energized team members that will take on the new challenges our clients present. As a Senior Software Developer, you are passionate about solving problems with code and helping our Scrum teams deliver amazing solutions. Candidates would reside in the greater Edmonton area or be willing to relocate.

At LegacyX, there is always a new challenge - you may assist in reverse engineering closed systems, helping design, develop and deploy a new system for our clients or assisting us to evolve our own proprietary SaaS solutions. We are a dynamic team that tackles a wide variety of challenges for our customers – always looking for innovative solutions to add to our growing portfolio.

The Role

Our dream candidate has had experience in a variety of software development projects including experience with agile software development methodologies. Currently we are doing a lot of work in React with .Net core or node.js back-end code, typically with a SQL Azure or SQL Server database back end. We have projects that leverage the Microsoft WCF and WPF stacks (though these are being evolved). We leverage Microsoft Azure extensively. That said, we expect that you have mastered whatever technology stack or language you have been using and that you will master the tech we currently use. When the time comes for us to change technology you will be able to master that as well.


  • Perform software programming in various languages as required by the relevant project while following architectural best practices.
  • Contribute to the design and planning process for development projects.
  • Engage with clients for the discovery, planning, creation and maintenance of business process automation leveraging software development skills.
  • Write new and update existing features/capabilities, software enhancements and bug/defect fixes.
  • Define, improve upon and ensure compliance with established best practices. In the absence of practices, process or guidelines, have the ability to define these practices if needed.
  • Comfortable interacting with clients from a support and requirements perspective.
  • Perform unit, functional and regressions testing of developed software features or bug fixes.
  • Document all the developed software for knowledge transfer.
  • Provide daily status updates to the development team.
  • Participate in all phases of the software development life cycle to advise on and support the company’s portfolio of software solutions.
  • Provide second and third-line support, including on-call, shift and weekend work as required, to ensure that ongoing service delivery standards are met.
  • Build and maintain interfaces with other applications.
  • Install, test and support the user acceptance of upgrades to existing applications and liaise with vendors on related issues.
  • Analyze diagnostic information about uncommon cross-functional problems and recommend resolutions to more senior colleagues or management.
  • Perform functional and basic technical analysis, including root-cause, on the assigned support tickets and handle the communication with the users.
  • Ensure good understanding of the business needs, constraints and flows and of the technology that supports them.
  • Provide training for the clients, using an integrated system for the business portfolio.
  • Responsible to maintain relevant software development skill sets.
  • Participate in Data fixes within production environments when necessary.
  • Participate in Bug Triages and Planning activities for software development projects.
  • Responsible for writing test plans and executing test plans.
  • Assist in the build, release and deployment of new software development deliverables to integration, staging and production environments.
  • Deliberate mentoring of one to three developers with proven progress in their capabilities.
  • Responsible to perform two hours of continuous improvement per week on subjects relevant to their job description in order to keep skill sets up to date.
  • Responsible to support Quality Assurance efforts of various software development projects.
  • Assist in Technical Documentation efforts when necessary.
  • Support the training of new Software Development resources.


  • 7+ years of software development experience with broad development knowledge and capabilities. Currently we’re using a lot of C#, JavaScript, Typescript, Node.js, React.
  • Experience mentoring other software developers.
  • Experience in software design and programming various software development languages and Integrated Development environments (IDEs).
  • Experience using widely used code management tools (e.g. Git).
  • Experience using widely used bug and work application lifecycle management tools (e.g. Azure DevOps, JIRA, ClearQuest, TRAC).
  • Significant experience with Database Management Systems (such as Microsoft SQL Server).
  • Experience in analyzing various logs (e.g., SQL, IIS, App and OS) and the ability to pinpoint an issue by reconciling logs from multiple sources.
  • Business acumen, including the ability to translate business needs into solutions Ability to work effectively and maintain positive and co-operative working relationships with colleagues within the team and across the department.
  • Proven superior written and verbal communication skills. Ability to communicate to internal and external resources with a style fitting for the audience and message.
  • Strong leadership skills, with the ability to facilitate high team morale by encouraging and coaching team members.
  • Strong planning and organizing skills, with the ability to develop and implement plans by prioritizing and multi-tasking without direction.
  • Effective decision-making skills, with the ability to guide team members to achieve goals through clear instruction.
  • Willingness to dive into technical issues and figure them out.
  • Exceptional attention to detail and outstanding organizational skills, including strong project management and ability to balance multiple priorities while managing time effectively.
  • Possesses strong problem-solving skills; anticipating and resolving problems.
  • Motivated, dynamic, creative and results oriented.
  • Familiar with Object Oriented Programming.

nice to haves

  • Experience with cloud-based delivery of SaaS solutions.
  • Experience leading teams
  • Experience implementing CI/CD pipelines
  • Experience using widely- recognized software development methodology (e.g. Scrum, Agile).
  • Experience in using test frameworks to perform end to end unit testing of software.
  • Experience implementing DevOps workflows leveraging CI/CD pipelines.
  • Experience with test automation frameworks.

Why join the LegacyX team?

LegacyX was started by a developer with a goal to build an awesome place for software professionals to work. Although we are a small organization, we offer market competitive compensation, an excellent benefits plan and a great work environment to be a workplace of choice. We have a relaxed work environment full of perks – DIY lattes, kitchen stocked with drinks/snacks, motorized standup desks, Aeron Chairs, top of the line computers, flexible hours and most importantly - brilliant co-workers. We support work-from-home and a flextime approach to completing the tasks set before you that help team members balance work and other demands on their life.

LegacyX Vision

LegacyX will be a highly sought-after boutique tech firm known for creating brilliant solutions. Our clients will rave about our ability to remove barriers that hinders growth, organizational productivity and the happiness of people and teams.

LegacyX purpose statement

At LegacyX, our purpose is to transform the future of work in ways that inspire and empower people to realize their full potential and enable organizations to thrive.

LegacyX guiding principles

  • Bring your enthusiasm.
  • Be a problem solver.
  • Be a trusted team member.
  • Persevere together.
  • Boldly deliver brilliant solutions.