Backend Developer at Makeen Technologies LLC () (allows remote)

Backend Developer at Makeen Technologies LLC () (allows remote)

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Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-07-27 05:00:31

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As a Backend Developer, A typical Day might include the following.

  • Able to implement complex fine-grained authorization mechanisms for REST APIs
  • Able to implement complex dependency injection patterns for cross modules and cross services dependencies
  • Able to architect front-end SPAs with a clear conceptualization of layers and structures involved; separation of concern is key
  • Join full-time; permanent; this is not a freelance gig nor will we accept side project

This job is for you if

You are good at -

  • Collaborating with team members to scope, design, implement, and document new features
  • Identifying bugs, write tests, and propose improvements to maintain code quality standards
  • Participating in code reviews to ensure code quality and distribute knowledge
  • Documenting internal processes and procedures

You are extra awesome if -

  • You have strong knowledge of JavaScript, including the latest ES6 features, Node.js and React, Redux, Express, Mongo, Postgress
  • You have working knowledge of back-end JavaScript API / web services development in node.js
  • You have experience crafting efficient and reusable web components in React
  • You have experience with JavaScript build tooling, such as Babel and Web-pack
  • You have experience with cloud provider APIs, concepts, and architectures
  • You have experienced with continuous integration, testing, and deployment strategies
  • You have the ability to write effective tests for full-stack JavaScript applications and services (mocha, jest etc.)
  • You have 5+ years of related experience with a bachelor's degree or master's degree; or a Ph.D. with 3 years’ experience; or equivalent experience.
  • You have experience on a remote-focused team